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Background on the Novel, Universal Man: II. A Brief Correspondence with Abortionist Assassin, Paul Hill

Toward the end of September, 1994, I sent out letters to people (mostly all men) in jail who had been convicted of shooting abortionists or bombing abortion centers.  I got their addresses from a pro-life man who kept a “Prisoners of Christ” list and newsletter.  By that time few were in jail for non-violent rescue.  The main purpose of the letter was to learn about the prisoners' lives in jail.  I was also interested in finding out how the people expressed themselves and if they had a capacity to write.

As I recall, without checking my files, I ended up exchanging letters with two or three.  One of them, Joe Grace, wrote long, practically inscrutable analyses of the end times according to the Bible. He filled every square centimeter of both sides of multiple sheets of paper with tiny print.  He had a lot of time on his hands. I tried to read a letter, but couldn’t follow his reasoning.  No doubt part of the deficit was my lack of patience.  I sent his letters back to him because I didn’t want to just throw away his hard work, even it seemed like erudite nonsense.  He could send them on to someone else.

You probably never heard of Joe Grace, but you may have heard of another correspondent, Paul Jennings Hill.  Paul was convicted of murdering abortionist John Britton and his bodyguard, retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel James H. Barrett at the “Ladies Center” in PensacolaFL in July, 1994.

Paul sent me three handwritten letters over the course of several months.  What follows is the second letter.  I have preserved his punctuation. Something of this letter exists in my novel, Universal Man.
Sunday Nov 13, 94
 Dear Brother Mick,
      Thank you for your letter of Oct 21.  Sorry to be so slow in getting back to you.
      Bless you for going out to your local “clinics”.  If a few more did so things would be different.  You get a perspective in front of the killing centers you don’t get any where else. – Im sure the pro-aborts are sorry things are tense at your clinic.  I’m sure they wish it were tranquil and calm outside the womb.
      As for my hope of being executed –Im at the point now where I can truly say –Its in Gods hands whether I get a life sentence or the chair.  I am content either way.  “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.”
      You asked about day to day life in prison.  For me, my work in jail is to do my duty and keep a good frame of mind.  There are burdens and struggles in and out of jail.
      Im told jail and solitary confinement is designed to force the criminal to reflect on his crimes and repent.  There is no question jail affords an opportunity for personal reflection, or prayer and devotion.
      Personally I find it a challenge to be content and joyful and somewhat productive in jail.  I have the stress and encouragement of knowing many people are “watching” me and my reactions to everything.  Thus, I have lots of incentive not to let sin have dominion over me.  To be honest Im the reflective meditative devotional type of person – Thus I have, in one sense, had the time of my life since being put in jail.  The Lord is helping me to have joy in my trials.  My conscience approves me and encourages me.  You mentioned men reflecting on killing other men.  I read today about Samuel hewing Agag to pieces before the Lord and David carrying Goliaths head around.  I wonder how they felt?
      -Anyway, God is pouring out His grace upon me and holding me up.
      Thanks for your interest.
      By the way, please pray for a friend of mine –Lori-  She has a 18 week preborn and the doctors say the child won’t live as Loris womb is full of tumors.
      Thank you for your prayers
 In Him, Paul

 The State of Florida executed Paul Hill in September, 2003 by lethal injection.  Governor Jeb Bush signed the order.

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