Friday, December 14, 2012


by Mickey Hunt
   As a child, our son Timothy told his teachers he was adopted. During adolescence, he wailed in misery, certain that his best friends had moved away. By age twenty, Timothy’s grief sank into glum desolation, and he would lie on the bed all day, bemoaning an imaginary poverty. None of his therapists could free him from his flawed perception of loss...

This story (about 1000 words) can be found at Every Day Fiction.

See my Top Story of the Month interview about "Deprescience" at
Flash Fiction Chronicles.  (Note: the interview has vanished.)

Folly Blaine recorded a podcast of the story that you can listen to HERE.

The story came out as a reprint in August 2015 in Beyond Science Fiction.


  1. Read, enjoy, rank, and comment upon if you like.

  2. “Deprescience” grew out of my experience of growing older and our children moving out of the house. Our home always had been the center of joyful activity and now (with only two of the six still here) things are much quieter. I miss the children when they were little, but I have to see the loss as an opportunity for my new role as grandparent, anchor for the adult children, and . . . I’m not sure yet what.

  3. I took the photo of the red orchids at a show at the NC Arboretum on 3-29-15.