Monday, November 4, 2013

Not the Wrong Planet

by Mickey Hunt

The Radiant entered a high, slow orbit around Lumen.

Alone in his tiny quarters, Specialist Johnten stared from the port window at the charcoal-black nightside of the planet. No lights broke the gloom below...

Another lonely, silent world.

Like me...

Not the Wrong Planet (1080 words) was first published in the near professional level e-mag Penumbra in the November 2014 issue.  But the parent company, Musa, went out of business early in 2015 and took down all its past issues.

But, the story is out again as of December 2015 at AntipodeanSF, an online Australian-based publication. Find it RIGHT HEREIn January, 2016, AntiSF made it available as an audio podcast read by me. The podcast may be heard HERE.


  1. Be sure to check out my page "The story behind the story "Not the Wrong Planet" found on the link at the upper right.

  2. A sort-of review of my story, but more a measure of it by the standard set by Penumbra's editor's independent musings.

  3. Not only has the magazine Penumbra gone out of business (the last issue was December 2014), the parent company, Musa Publishing, has quit. Other than right here, the story is not available anywhere. I've been submitting it around as a reprint and possible podcast.