Thursday, February 6, 2014


by Mickey Hunt
    Brad heaved what might be a truncated stainless steel water heater onto his table under the ancient live oaks.
    "Still peddling your miraculous apparatus?" Marquis said and plucked a dog-eared brochure from Brad's stack. "Looks dubious, old man. Hmm... Lead lining and rechargeable battery."
    "If I was a person of color like yourself..."
    "What? Bullscat. Everybody got a color."
    Cars swished by on the road. Breezy. Hot. Seagulls gliding overhead. Marquis stood behind his van, handing out bags of fresh shrimp and ice, taking in cash, improvising rhymes. Brad sagged in a chair at his tailgate while massaging the small of his back...

"Genius" (1090 words) was published at Stupefying Stories Showcase on March 25, 2015.  It was republished in March, 2016 and can also be read HERE at AntipodeanSF, based in Australia. 


  1. I remember reading this one over at Baen's Bar. Nice work getting it published!

  2. Still waiting for Stupefying Stories to move.

  3. Stupefying Stories moved on my story, finally. I took the sunrise photo on Hunting Island, SC in the summer of 2014, not far (a few hundred yards) from where a friend of the family died in the water a month later. The image represents the "baby sun."

  4. Recently I've been submitting the story to podcast publications.

  5. I've made a few small improvements to the AntipodeanSF version.