Thursday, March 15, 2012

When Earth Whispers

by Mickey Hunt
During the first seconds of last spring’s devastating earthquake in Lynchville, California, some people believed they had fallen ill, some assumed they had been struck by lightning, some thought a truck rammed their house. Those living adjacent to railroad tracks wondered if a train had derailed. I was praying in my study at the church early Sunday morning. As the furniture jerked back and forth and books tumbled through the air, it occurred to me that the world was ending and I would die.

When Earth Whispers (6600 words) won an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest, the 3rd Quarter of 2014. Events in the news [Summer 2015] made the story even more relevant than when it was written.  Read the story in full HERE.


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    1. Many years ago I was a puppeteer with the Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre in Vancouver, USA. We performed at colleges and in parks with rod and body puppets, the latter larger than life. This guy in the photo is a lifesized rod puppet that I made.