Monday, November 18, 2013

Miss Thurman's Intervention

by Mickey Hunt
“Miss Thurman, I’m not working for you anymore on my day off,” Barry said and closed the hatch of the Subaru.

     “Here, take this.”  Miss Thurman held a folded $10 bill.

     “Now, you know I’m not allowed tips,” Barry said.

     “You’re a young man and you need money for your future, for your braces when you get them.  You should go to college.”  She paused a moment and said, “I couldn’t possibly lift those chicken feed bags when I get home.  My figure has turned into a dumpling.”

     Barry pursed his lips over his jutting front teeth.  “I’ve saved money for braces,” he said.  “This is a good job—Whatley’s pays for health insurance, too.  Did you hear me?  I won’t do your yard work unless we clean up your house.  You have a problem.”

     Miss T’s lower lip drooped like she might cry...

Thumbnail: Barry, a neatnick, does yardwork on his days off for Miss Thurman, a compulsive hoarder.  The story was a finalist in the 2016 Neoverse writing competition, but didn't win.  Read it in full HERE.


  1. This story was a semifinalist (in the top 28 of 143 entries) in the 2013 North Carolina State University Short Story Contest. A printed postcard from the contest said I was "an adept storyteller."